Britain and EU Diverge on Hezbollah

Hezbollah flag flying in London during Al-Quds Day rally in 2018 (Edward Crawford via Shutterstock)

by Ali Rizk In 2008, Britain designated “Hezbollah’s military wing” a terrorist organization, which diverged from the official EU stance. It wasn’t until mid-July 2013 that the EU adopted a similar position following claims that the Lebanese movement was responsible… Continue Reading  

Israel Has an Incitement Problem


by Yoni Mendel In Israeli public discourse, the phrase “Palestinian incitement” makes an appearance time and again. One can hear it in the news by members of both the coalition and the opposition, it is seen as an immutable fact… Continue Reading  

US Hawks Ignore Top Israeli Official on Iran


by Ali Gharib Last week, Israel’s top military official made some staggering comments during the course of a security conference in Tel Aviv. Here’s how The Forward‘s JJ Goldberg reported the comments of Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, Israel’s chief of… Continue Reading  

Danny Danon: Fierce Opponent of a Two-State Solution

Knesset Member and Likud member Danny Danon speaks at the Israel Day Concert in Central Park in New York CIty on May 23, 2010.??For more New York shots, please see my New York Collection 

© 2010 Jens Schott Knudsen |  |  Twitter: @jensschott

by Mitchell Plitnick Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed the Likud Party’s Danny Danon, currently the Minister of Science, to the position of United Nations envoy. Danon, a man who Netanyahu fired only last year because of his “loose cannon” actions,… Continue Reading  

Vengeance, Not Justice In Wake Of Murders Of Israeli Youths

Israeli memorial

by Mitchell Plitnick The saga of the three kidnapped Israeli youths in the West Bank took a tragic, if expected, turn today, when their bodies were discovered near Hebron. None but the most starry-eyed optimist thought the young men would… Continue Reading