The War on Terror as the Launching of an American Crusade

by James Carroll America may be sinking ever deeper into the moral morass of the Trump era, but if you think the malevolence of this period began with him, think again. The moment I still dwell on, the moment I… Continue Reading  

Life in the Gray Zone

by John Feffer In the 13th century, the Italian town of Lucera was a Muslim island in a sea of Christendom. Here Frederick II, the head of the Holy Roman Empire, established his own shadow cabinet of scholars and advisors… Continue Reading  

Jerusalem, Not Baghdad, Is the Islamic State’s Goal

by Jere L. Bacharach When a state creates new money it uses the images on their currency as a statement of their ideals and goals.  In the US, the debate over who should replace Andrew Jackson on the US 20 dollar… Continue Reading