Overwhelming Expert Consensus Favors Agreement with Iran

by Joe Cirincione There is an overwhelming consensus among non-proliferation, nuclear policy, and national security experts that a negotiated accord is the best, and likely the only, way to ensure that Iran never builds a nuclear weapon. But you would not… Continue Reading

Analysts on Iran: Time to Move Beyond Sanctions

by Derek Davison Arguing that sanctions have served their purpose, and that the promise of sanctions relief is key to securing Iran’s agreement to a comprehensive nuclear deal, three top foreign policy analysts were critical on Monday of congressional efforts… Continue Reading

Israeli Bombing of Iran is “Not a pretty picture to contemplate, but a likely scenario”

Jeffery Goldberg‘s Point of No Return article in September’s Atlantic Monthly continues to stir up debate. Tom Ricks, Center for a New American Security (CNAS) senior fellow, adds his take to the list of disastrous scenarios which could follow an Israeli… Continue Reading