Perle and the Clarion Fund/Project

by Jim Lobe I just received this solicitation in an email: Former Assistant Secretary of Defense, Richard Perle, Available for Interviews on Terror Attacks Available for Interviews: Richard Perle – Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Clare Lopez – Senior Fellow,… Continue Reading  

How Bin Ladin’s Message Lures the Vulnerable

by Emile Nakhleh via IPS News The surviving Boston Marathon bomber reportedly told authorities the U.S. “war on Islam” drove him and his brother to commit their terrorist act. Their linking the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with a perceived… Continue Reading  

A Definition of Terrorism — or Lack Thereof

by Wayne White A major obstacle in the way of sorting through to an internationally acceptable definition of terrorism — largely intentional violence against civilians — was the incredibly broad definition that effectively evolved as acceptable, or necessary, among quite… Continue Reading