NIght Raid in Bil’in

by John Feffer Night Raid in Bil’in is an exhibit of photographs by Richard Cahan. Filmed at the Gallery Al-Quds at the Jerusalem Fund in Washington, DC on September 30, 2016 and featuring curator Dagmar Painter and AFSC staffperson Raed… Continue Reading  

Forbidden Colors

by John Feffer Forbidden Colors brings together 30 artists who explore the Israeli ban on the four colors of the Palestinian flag that lasted from 1980 to 1993. Featuring curator Dagmar Painter and poet Zeina Azzam. Filmed at the Gallery… Continue Reading  

Iranian Women Tell Their Stories Through Photographs

by Sanam Emami A veiled Iranian woman fixes her viewers with a fierce gaze. She shouts a muted song, and we can’t help but stare back. This portrait is part of the landmark exhibition “She Who Tells a Story: Women… Continue Reading  

Iraq’s Artifacts of Exile

by John Feffer In the initial aftermath of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, looters swept through the National Museum in Baghdad and carted off 15,000 items of incalculable value. Some of these items were destroyed in the attempt to spirit… Continue Reading  

The Art of Dissidence and Diplomacy

by John Feffer The position of the body is the same. The figure is prone on the beach, near the water’s edge. The head is face down in the sand, and the face is just visible. One arm is close… Continue Reading