Congressmen Try to Restrict Free Speech To Prevent Boycotts of Israel

by Mitchell Plitnick Earlier this week, a bill was hastily removed from the agenda of the New York State Assembly. The bill was designed as a response to the American Studies Association’s decision to boycott Israeli educational institutions. But it… Continue Reading  

Academic Boycott Diverts Attention From More Effective Pressure

by Yarden Katz Every few years, a call to boycott Israeli academic institutions gains enough momentum to make a brief wave in the media, before it enters the cycle of condemnation. After making the rounds, the boycott gets predictably denounced… Continue Reading  

Netherlands Businesses Cutting Ties With Israel’s Occupation

by Mitchell Plitnick In recent weeks, Israel and especially advocates for its right-wing in the United States have been scrambling to lash back at a boycott resolution passed by the American Studies Association (ASA). This was an initiative of an… Continue Reading