Qatar’s Diminishing Returns in Syria

by Giorgio Cafiero Recent developments have set back Qatar’s five-and-a-half-year campaign to topple the Syrian regime led by Bashar al-Assad. Donald Trump’s win last month and the president-elect’s vows to sever Washington’s limited support for Syrian rebels, Russia and China’s… Continue Reading  

Islamic State: Apocalypse Postponed?

by Derek Davison When the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) began publishing an online magazine in 2014, it named the new publication Dabiq, after the north Syrian town by the same name, which ISIS captured later that same year. The… Continue Reading  

Syria—What Cost “Victory?”

by Graham E. Fuller A deep contradiction lies at the heart of US policy towards the present horrifying conflict in Syria. Which is better? To now reluctantly accept continuation of Bashar al-Asad in power in Damascus for the foreseeable future,… Continue Reading  

Syria: Ceasefire Efforts Cease

by Mark N. Katz On October 3, the State Department announced the suspension of U.S. efforts to work with Russia to bring about a ceasefire in Syria. This is in sharp contrast to just a few weeks ago in September when… Continue Reading  

No End to Syria’s Agony in Sight?

by Peter Jenkins, Sergey Batsanov, and James Watt   Where Syria is concerned, the fog of diplomacy has tended to be almost as thick as the fog of war. But earlier this month, through that fog, a cessation of hostilities… Continue Reading