9 Facts About Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

by Marsha B. Cohen Reuven Rivlin has just been elected Israel’s 10th president. A member of Israel’s parliamentary body since 1988, he served as Speaker of the Knesset from 2003-06 and again from 2009-13. Today, Israel’s parliamentarians, by secret ballot, elected him… Continue Reading

Israel drones on about attacking Iran…but will it fly?

Is Israel actually capable of successfully carrying out its winner-take-all high tech attack on Iran that could destroy or (more likely) might delay the development of Iran’s budding nuclear program, at minimal cost–financial, environmental or in casualties–to itself or anyone else except Iran? Could the consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran that didn’t succeed be almost as bad–or even worse–than one that did? Continue Reading

What Happened to Jeffrey Goldberg’s “Consensus”?

Incoming Israeli Defense Force commander, Major General Benny Gantz, might be a friend to the IDF’s “Iran-skeptics” and a potential thorn in the side of Netanyahu and Barak. Their attempts to portray Israeli leadership as sharing a unanimous opinion of… Continue Reading

Noam Sheizaf: Avigdor Lieberman is the Most Powerful Politician in Israel and the Peace Process is Dead

On the latest machinations that reinforce the far right in Israel and doom the peace process, we think Noam Sheizaf’s analysis is very helpful. Noam’s most recent post, reproduced below, was originally published on +972–an invaluable resource for any readers… Continue Reading