Trump and Company Deepen Divide on Arabs and Muslims


by James J. Zogby Donald Trump and his GOP colleagues have exposed the depth of the divide in attitudes over the role of American Muslims in US society. The results of a recent Zogby poll establish that the divide is more existential… Continue Reading  

Marco Rubio Is Winning the Neocon Primary


by Sina Toossi With pundits and columnists dissecting and critiquing every word uttered by GOP front-runners Ben Carson and Donald Trump, comparatively little attention has been paid to the positions and affiliations of a far more electable Republican presidential candidate:… Continue Reading  

For Neocon Megadonor Paul Singer, Israel Trumps Gay Rights


by Ali Gharib and Eli Clifton If you had to narrow down Republican megadonor Paul Singer’s three main causes, the list would probably look like this: deregulating the market, pushing a hawkish outlook on the Middle East, and, surprisingly for… Continue Reading  

American Nativism and the Newest Surge in Xenophobia


by Paul R. Pillar A couple of days ago President Obama made an appropriate refinement to how he describes the discriminatory and xenophobic tendencies that have become all too obvious in debate and posturing in the United States on issues… Continue Reading  

Obama Rejects GOP’s Islamophobic Statements


by Eli Clifton It didn’t take long for Republican presidential candidates to stake out strikingly anti-Muslim immigration positions following the terrorist attacks in Paris that left at least 129 people dead and over 300 injured. French flags were flown and… Continue Reading