Israelis and Palestinians Moving Apart, Not Closer


by Mitchell Plitnick It’s a busy week for Secretary of State John Kerry. On Monday, he received Israel’s top two negotiators, Tzipi Livni and Isaac Molho. Then he packed his bags and headed off to the World Economic Forum in… Continue Reading  

Netherlands Businesses Cutting Ties With Israel’s Occupation

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte receives Israeli President Shimon Peres, September 29, 2013 (photo courtesy of the Netherlands' Prime Minister's office)

by Mitchell Plitnick In recent weeks, Israel and especially advocates for its right-wing in the United States have been scrambling to lash back at a boycott resolution passed by the American Studies Association (ASA). This was an initiative of an… Continue Reading  

Israeli Leaders Place More Obstacles in Kerry’s Path


by Mitchell Plitnick US Secretary of State John Kerry was shuttling between Jordan and Saudi Arabia on Sunday, shoring up support for his efforts to find some kind of framework for negotiations that Israel and the Palestinian Authority could both… Continue Reading  

Domestic Issues Challenge Israel, US and the Palestinians


by Mitchell Plitnick As US Secretary of State John Kerry pursues talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah, political opportunists on all sides are trying to seize the moment to advance their goals. Kerry emerged from his second day of meetings with… Continue Reading  

Kerry Lands In The Israel-Palestine Blame Game


by Mitchell Plitnick US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Israel on Jan. 2, starting 2014 with an attempt to save what is increasingly looking like a doomed round of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.