Limited US Influence in Egypt Can Still Do Some Good


by Mitchell Plitnick When is a coup not a coup? When calling it that carries repercussions that make a bad situation worse. US President Barack Obama is struggling with recent events in Egypt. Once again he’s presented with a situation… Continue Reading  

Israel’s Next Ambassador to the US: A Jewish Karl Rove


by Mitchell Plitnick Ron Dermer, the man who is rumored to be the replacement for Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren (who resigned today), has been compared to Karl Rove. The comparison is an apt one. Oren, an… Continue Reading  

The US Values We Share With Israel?


by Mitchell Plitnick It is clear that US citizens need to start asking what exactly we are supporting in Israel. The general belief and political rhetoric tell us that the US is, through military aid and diplomatic support, protecting Israel’s… Continue Reading  

Kerry’s Last-Ditch Effort As Quixotic As Ever


by Mitchell Plitnick On the eve of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s fifth trip of the year to Israel and the Palestinian Territories, little has changed. Despite Kerry’s entreaties not only to both parties but also to Jewish-Americans to… Continue Reading  

Iranian Elections: Netanyahu, Neoconservatives Are the Big Losers


by Mitchell Plitnick Outside of Iran, there is no doubt that the biggest losers in Iran’s election this past weekend were the Likud government in Israel and its supporters, especially neoconservatives, in the United States. The response of Israel’s Prime… Continue Reading