Will Obama’s Legacy Start or Stop with the Nuclear Deal?

by Henry Johnson Much to the chagrin of those who oppose Obama’s nuclear deal, there is no telling where the informal bonds created by hours of unrelenting talks will end up taking the US and Iran. The departure of Javad… Continue Reading  

The Future of Saudi-Iranian Relations Will Be Written in Oil

by Henry Johnson Saudi Arabia’s cantankerous objections to nuclear talks with Iran have run counter to U.S. goals and have left some puzzled over the cause of its combative behavior. A deal with Iran, of course, means much more than… Continue Reading  

Turkey’s Elections: Great for Democracy, Dangerous for Peace

by Henry Johnson The outcome of Turkey’s general election surprised many by putting an end to the AKP’s 13-year winning streak. The consequences of this historic election for the country’s “Kurdish problem” may come as an even greater surprise, and… Continue Reading  

The Political Foundation of the Islamic State’s Success

by Henry Johnson More so than flaws in the Iraqi army or lack of U.S. support or suicide bombers, the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) owes its stunning victories across Iraq to widespread ambivalence toward violence against the state. This… Continue Reading  

The Illusory Sectarian War in Yemen

by Henry Johnson The Houthis’ advance through much of Yemen has defied most expectations. Even those powers most strongly invested in the country’s future misjudged the group. Leading the pack is Saudi Arabia, whose air campaign—meant to germinate an effective… Continue Reading