And the Pharaoh Falls

By Emad Mekay

From Cairo : Isn’t the Egyptian Army great? Well, so far. As far as I know, they refused to shoot at their own people. The country is happy. I am happy too. Mubarak is out after 18 tense days. It is like a new Independence Day here. If the army is great, I think they will hand over the country to the Chief Justice of the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court for a transitional period. This is the best possible scenario that could happen.

Well, the Pharaoh has fallen. Will the American people help? I think there will be some who try to feel threatened in the U.S. I do not think they should. From day one, there was nothing anti-American or even anti-Israeli about this. I hope the American people will be happy with us.

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  1. This American is very happy for you and your country. But the more difficult path still lies ahead of you.

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