Welcome to the Jewish American Dissonance

by Edo Konrad In early December, just a month after the election of Donald Trump, American alt-right leader Richard Spencer sat down for an interview with Al Jazeera. Speaking to Kristen Saloomey, Spencer, who brought his white supremacist views along… Continue Reading

An Order That Will Increase Terrorism

by Paul R. Pillar Donald Trump’s efforts, during his first week in office, to give substance to his campaign rhetoric have involved executive orders that have generated reactions ranging from bemusement over their vagueness to worried waiting for other shoes… Continue Reading

Congress Addresses Israel, Iran, and Nikki Haley

by Lara Friedman [As we have over the past two years, LobeLog is posting excerpts from the Legislative Round-up published weekly when Congress is in session by the inimitable Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now about what Congress is up… Continue Reading

Trump Justifies Executive Orders with Exaggerations Grounded in Bias

by James J. Zogby By now, Donald Trump’s penchant for exaggeration and self-promotion has become well-established. Whether born of a form of pathological narcissism or just plain hucksterism, his need to claim that everything he does is the biggest and… Continue Reading

Trump and Ahmadinejad: The Delusional Duo

by Jim Lobe It was almost a year ago that Shervin Malekzadeh published a brief but incisive essay—which we republished immediately after the November 8 election—on the striking parallels between then-candidate Donald Trump and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Among… Continue Reading