Russia and the West after Paris

by Mark N. Katz The terrorist attacks that recently occurred in Paris have already resulted in greater cooperation between Russia on the one hand and America and the West on the other with regard to the common jihadist threat. Although initially… Continue Reading  

Two Versions of the U.S. Destruction of a Hospital in Afghanistan

by Laura Gottesdiener When people ask me what my new job is like, I tell them that I wake up very early and count the dead. When I say “very early,” I mean a few minutes after four a.m., as the… Continue Reading  

The National Security State’s Incestuous Relationship with the Islamic State

by Tom Engelhardt Honestly, I don’t know whether to rant or weep, neither of which are usual impulses for me.  In the wake of the slaughter in Paris, I have the urge to write one of two sentences here: Paris… Continue Reading  

Je Suis Encore Charlie?

by John Feffer Charlie was a pretty good musician. He played guitar, composed songs. Dennis Wilson, the drummer and co-founder of the Beach Boys, befriended Charlie and tried to help him make it in the music industry. He arranged for… Continue Reading  

The Search for a Syrian Solution Continues

by Charles Naas In his first inaugural address Franklin Roosevelt stated that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He, of course, was referring to the deep depression and collapse of the American economy. But it is good… Continue Reading