Obama Administration gets another endorsement from Ehud Barak

Israel’s Minister of Defense Ehud Barak has once again hailed the Obama administration’s commitment to Israel. On Thursday Barak told an Israeli radio show that he was pleased with the “change of emphasis” expressed by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta… Continue Reading

Matthew Kroenig’s Warmongering Against Iran

As Harvard University’s Stephen Walt reminds us, making a case for war involves exaggerating worst-case scenarios about so-called threats and then warning about the dire consequences of not eradicating them. That’s what Georgetown Assistant Professor Matthew Kroenig does in his… Continue Reading

The Danger of a Newt Gingrich Presidency

I’d like to bring your attention to a profile of Newt Gingrich in the Atlantic yesterday by Mickey Edwards. Gingrich has been hawkish on the foreign policy front but he’s also proving to be quite the authoritarian domestically. Edwards, a… Continue Reading

Panetta’s Iran comments applauded by AIPAC, played down by Pentagon

Last night Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made claims about Iran’s nuclear program on CBS News that AIPAC has applauded but the Pentagon has tried to “play down”. Speaking inside the President’s “doomsday plane,” Panetta told anchor Scott Pelley that… Continue Reading