Victoria’s Secret: Israel’s High Hand on the High Seas

Victoria’s secret is that, like the previous interceptions like those of and the Karine A, its interception comes at a time when Israel is being urged to move forward in the peace process and doesn’t want to. But it is also radically reinterpreting international law, particularly the Laws of Armed Conflict and the Law of the Sea. Continue Reading  

The Arab Lobby

How the Tiny Kingdom of Bahrain Strong-Armed the President of the United States By Nick Turse Reprinted with the permission of The men walking down the street looked ordinary enough. Ordinary, at least, for these days of tumult and… Continue Reading  

Cirincione and Leonard: What to do next on Iran?

Joe Cirincione and Rob Leonard of the Ploughshares Fund have a good post up at the Hill about what the U.S. should do on Iran. They write: The intelligence community’s views should be familiar. They have not changed much in… Continue Reading  

Helena Cobban: Is Gaza Occupied? (Con’t)

After I e-mailed my last post to interviewee Helena Cobban, she sent me an insightful response. A blogger/analyst and publisher who sat for 17 years on the advisory committee of Human Rights Watch and has reported extensively from the Middle… Continue Reading  

Is Gaza occupied? Does it Matter?

Debating the Goldstone Report last week, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) laid bare the depravity of Washington’s discourse on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He asserted that there is no Israeli occupation in the West Bank, declared that settlements are only built inside Israel,… Continue Reading