Iranian People Caught Between Dueling Messages


by Farideh Farhi via IPS News  Since Barack Obama became president of the United States, messages marking the Iranian New Year – Norouz – celebrated at the onset of spring have become yearly affairs. So have responses given by Iran’s… Continue Reading  

Israel’s New Cabinet


by Mitchell Plitnick The new Israeli government features a security braintrust that might be a bit more reasonable on Iran, but is likely to be even more hawkish both in the immediate region and within the country itself. Gone are… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Nuclear Activities Go On Despite Sanctions


by Jasmin Ramsey via IPS News  While the U.S.-led sanctions regime on Iran has produced substantial economic hardship, analysts here are increasingly pointing out that Tehran’s controversial nuclear activities have continued unabated. According to a study released Tuesday by the… Continue Reading  

Living With No Future


Iraq, 10 Years Later by Dahr Jamail via Tom Dispatch Back then, everybody was writing about Iraq, but it’s surprising how few Americans, including reporters, paid much attention to the suffering of Iraqis.  Today, Iraq is in the news again. The… Continue Reading  

Syria’s Civil War and its Unintended Consequences


by Henry Precht Secretary John Kerry made an unannounced stop in Baghdad Sunday to press the Iraqis to deny permission for Iranian overflights that might be carrying arms to Syria. There was no immediate word whether the Shia-led government would… Continue Reading