Khamenei’s Mounting Pressures


by Alireza Nader Negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program are set to re-start in February, but Iran’s previous foot dragging in agreeing to a time and venue for the negotiations has been vexing for U.S. and allied diplomats. Iranian behavior… Continue Reading  

WaPo on Iran in Syria: The Lens Reflects a Mirror


by Farideh Farhi This Washington Post article about Iran and Hezbollah building networks in Syria in the event of Bashar al-Assad’s fall is certainly eye-catching. It’s also suggestive of Iranian shrewdness in trying to make the best out of every… Continue Reading  

Drone Wars: Tactics in Search of a Strategy


by James A. Russell The confirmation hearings of John Brennan for director of the Central Intelligence Agency serve as the latest searing reminder of the intellectual rigamortis gripping the national security establishment and how brain dead we have become as… Continue Reading  

Recycling the “Friends of Hamas” Canard Against Chuck Hagel


by Marsha B. Cohen Taking advantage of the delay in the vote on Chuck Hagel’s nomination to the Senate, the spinmeisters of the anti-Hagel propaganda machine have a new charge to hurl at the former Nebraska Senator. Ben Shapiro of… Continue Reading  

Israel and Palestine: Obama Commits the US


by Robert E. Hunter To say that President Barack Obama’s visit this spring to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan is the proverbial gamble is an understatement. He may end up (rightly) congratulating himself on his wisdom and courage in… Continue Reading