Islamic State on the Move With Baghdad Still Gridlocked


by Wayne White Forces of the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, have lunged toward two strategic dams earlier this month, one in the north and the other west of Baghdad. The northern offensive drove Kurdish forces from areas they… Continue Reading  

Lessons from Tonkin


by Robert E. Hunter What have we learned in the last half-century about America’s role in the world, and especially about going to war? A neat question, and one that is framed from my own experience, if readers will indulge… Continue Reading  

Ceasefire in Gaza: Where Things Stand


by Mitchell Plitnick With a 72-hour truce apparently holding in Gaza and Israel having ended its ground operation, now seems like a fair time to assess where things stand. Has anyone emerged from this war in a better position? Is there anything… Continue Reading  

When Negotiating With Iran, Mind the Russians


by François Nicoullaud Defining the size of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program has become a major sticking point in the negotiations between Iran and world powers expected to resume next month. The scale of this enrichment program, however, greatly relies upon undecided… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Economy After One Year of Rouhani


by Djavad Salehi-Isfahani Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was elected to office largely on his promise to lift the economy out if its deepest recession since the Iran-Iraq war. One year later, evidence of a recovery is hard to find, but… Continue Reading