Will the United States Ever Think Seriously About the Middle East?

by Robert E. Hunter Troops to depart suddenly from Syria. Troop strength in Afghanistan to be halved. James Mattis to resign as Secretary of Defense. Last week was a week of turmoil that likely presages worse to come. But is… Continue Reading  

Trump’s Syria Announcement Underscores U.S. Policy Meltdown

by Daniel Brumberg President Donald Trump’s sudden decision to pull 2,000 US troops out of northern Syria has shocked US policymakers and political leaders across the political spectrum, not to mention Washington’s western allies. Thus far, there has been little… Continue Reading  

The Other Gulf State That Is Manipulating U.S. Mideast Policy

By Avery Beam and Thomas Low Following the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi lobby’s efforts to gain influence in Washington have been placed under greater scrutiny. However, Saudi Arabia is not the only country cozying up to the… Continue Reading  

In Syria: Forget Manhood, It’s Time to Withdraw

by Gordon Adams It’s manhood time again. In 2013, then-President Barack Obama stepped back from an airstrike in Syria. Five years later, Donald Trump decided that U.S. troops were done in Syria and should come home. And the foreign policy… Continue Reading  

What Will Be the Impact of Trump’s Withdrawal from Syria?

by Mark N. Katz No matter how it starts, once a U.S. military intervention has begun, it has usually been liberals who have questioned it and called for withdrawal while conservatives have backed it and sought to keep it going.… Continue Reading