Framing the Gaza Narrative

by Mitchell Plitnick With US bombs dropping on Iraq once again and Israeli troops having moved out of Gaza, the fighting between Hamas and Israel has faded a bit from the headlines. But the battle to dominate the narrative of the 2014 Gaza… Continue Reading

The Proportionality Of A 33-To-1 Casualty Ratio

The House of Representatives, the State Department, and various pro-Israel organizations in Washington have all issued statements expressing support for Israel’s recent actions in the Gaza Strip and reaffirmed Israel’s right to act in “self-defense.” Indeed, Israel’s right to self-defense… Continue Reading

Continued US Support for Israeli Bombing of Gaza Bodes Ill for Obama’s Second Term

It’s a most unwelcome feeling of déjà vu which must settle over any observer of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the US role in it. An escalation is seen in the woefully asymmetric exchange of fire between Israel and the Gaza… Continue Reading