The Arab World Has Changed; So Should Washington

by Emile Nakhleh As the Egyptian revolution against Mubarak celebrates its third anniversary, the military junta under General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is resurrecting dictatorship under the veneer of “constitutional” legitimacy and on the pretense of fighting “terrorism.” Syria is still… Continue Reading  

While Morsi Falters, the Military Should Stay Out

by Emile Nakhleh The massive demonstrations in Egypt and the growing calls for Morsi to step down indicate his democratic “sputtering start” has ground to a halt. It is equally disconcerting that many within the opposition—secularists, liberals, Christians, women, and… Continue Reading  

Egypt…Still Eternal?

by Henry Precht I spent six years of my Foreign Service career in Egypt during the 1960s and early 80s and got to know the country fairly well. Over recent weeks I have been trying to make sense of the… Continue Reading  

Cold Winds in Cairo

When I was living in Cairo, the transition to winter was sometimes smooth. The beastly oven of summer changed slowly into a bearable fall of cool-warm. The fall moved from the cool-warm to a few weeks of cold, or at… Continue Reading