What are Russia’s Options in Ukraine?

by Mark N. Katz Now that Russian forces have taken Crimea away from Ukraine, what will President Vladimir Putin do next? There’s one thing he clearly will not do, and that’s give Crimea back to Kiev, as Ukrainian and Western… Continue Reading  

Past Mistakes and the Ukraine Crisis

by Robert E. Hunter What did the guy say? Truth is the first casualty in war. And that other guy? “If you don’t learn from history…” Both bromides apply to what is happening with regard to Ukraine, as US government… Continue Reading  

What’s Happening in Ukraine: A Primer

by Derek Davison On February 27 gunmen seized control of government buildings in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in Ukraine and raised a Russian flag over the headquarters of the Crimean Parliament in the regional capital Simferopol. This began a… Continue Reading