Turkish Troops in Syria Deepen America’s Quandary

by Robert E. Hunter The Turkish military incursion into Syria is yet another chapter in the continuing tragedy for that country, for Syrians of all confessions and ethnicities, and indeed for most of the Middle East. Ankara is acting, it… Continue Reading

Obama in Germany: Step Up to the Mark on Refugees

by Robert E. Hunter President Obama this Sunday and Monday makes perhaps his last visit as president to Germany. His taking part with Chancellor Angela Merkel in the annual Hannover Messe (trade fair) was originally designed to underline the president’s support… Continue Reading

Russia is Back. Get Used to it.

by Robert E. Hunter This coming Monday, President Barack Obama will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the UN General Assembly, their first meeting in 15 months. This will be no ordinary occasion, given Russian aggression in Ukraine, the… Continue Reading

President Obama’s Middle East Plate Is Still Full

by Robert E. Hunter With agreement in Vienna between the P5+ 1 countries and Iran on its nuclear program, there will be a rapid shift to dealing with the aftermath. What will now happen in Iran is an important story. This… Continue Reading

Iran Talks: Days Dwindle Down to a Precious Few

by Robert E. Hunter By the morning of July 1, we should know whether President Barack Obama has achieved one of his presidency’s central foreign policy goals: an agreement to deal effectively with the Iranian nuclear program. The negotiations between… Continue Reading