The Right-Wing Israeli Battle for Bibiton

by Paul Mutter The “Sheldon Primary” is how casino mogul Sheldon Adelson showcases his political clout in the United States. As Jim Lobe reports, Israel was the main issue on the table for the line of Republican hopefuls who came… Continue Reading  

Israel Can’t Quit Its Love Affair With Iranian Marble

The Wall Street Journal added itself to the list of publications publicly calling attention to Israel’s inability to cut all trade with Iran, the very country which the Journal’s Charles Levinson warns “may be bent on the Jewish state’s destruction.”… Continue Reading  

Obama, Nuclear Proliferation and the Politics of Mistranslation

The right wing blogosphere is buzzing with rumors (denied by the White House, according to Ben Smith of Politico) that the Obama administration has refused visas to employees of the Nuclear Research Center-Negev (NRCN) in Dimona, Israel. Roger Simon, blogging at Pajamas Media, claims to be quoting an article published in the Israeli daily Maariv…Nestled in Simon’s (or an uncredited source’s) “exclusive Pajamas Media translation” is the revelation that the English version Simon is quoting “is from a Google translation that I’ve tried to fix up a little bit.” A little bit? Let’s play “Simon Says” and compare his (or his source’s) efforts to what Maariv writer Uri Binder actually wrote. Continue Reading