Living With No Future

Iraq, 10 Years Later by Dahr Jamail via Tom Dispatch Back then, everybody was writing about Iraq, but it’s surprising how few Americans, including reporters, paid much attention to the suffering of Iraqis.  Today, Iraq is in the news again. The… Continue Reading  

As Iraq Anniversary Fades, “Strategic Narcissism” Stands out

by Jim Lobe via IPS News After a week of retrospectives on the tenth anniversary of Washington’s ill-fated invasion of Iraq, the most compelling consisted of a retrospective of the retrospectives. It came from Marc Lynch, an expert on Arab… Continue Reading  

Iraq War: “Failure is a much better teacher than succes”

by Jasmin Ramsey I wanted Iraq to dominate our postings this week, the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of the country. The work of Daniel, Jim and James received ample attention, though Americans don’t appear to have much of an… Continue Reading