Misperceptions and Provocations Rule U.S.-Iran Relations

Former Bush administration staffer, Reza Marashi, writes about the Iranian-American game of chicken in the National Interest: Both Iran and the United States are playing an extremely dangerous game based on misperceptions. Each side seems to be misreading the strength… Continue Reading  

“Things do not have to be this way” between the U.S. and Iran

Writing in the New York Times, a former state department member who worked on Iran during the Bush administration, Reza Marashi, explains the U.S.’s real Iran problem: too much emphasis on intelligence and far too little on diplomacy While serving… Continue Reading  

The U.S.’s Iran approach: From ineffective to incoherent

The fall issue of the Washington Quarterly has just published what may end up being the worst, most garbled policy piece on Iran within the last decade or so. Curiously, the authors, Kenneth Pollack and Ray Takeyh, are mainstream centrists… Continue Reading