Iranians Vote for Hope and a Change of Course

by Farideh Farhi via IPS News Iran’s June 14 presidential election results, announced the day after, was nothing less than a political earthquake. The centrist Hassan Rowhani’s win was ruled out when Iran’s vetting body, the Guardian Council, qualified him… Continue Reading  

Why the Reformist-Centrist Alliance in Iran is Important

No Matter How the Election Turns Out by Farideh Farhi The decision by the reformist candidate Mohammadreza Aref to withdraw his candidacy — and in effect open the path for the centrist Hassan Rowhani to become the unified candidate of both the centrists and… Continue Reading  

Rafsanjani Shut Out of Iran’s Presidential Race

by Farideh Farhi via IPS News With the disqualification of former president and current chair of the Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani by a vetting body, the Guardian Council, Iran’s presidential campaign is opening with many in the country in… Continue Reading  

Iran’s National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy: An Insider’s Take

by Farideh Farhi National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy was published in Iran during the autumn of 2011, but most people only learned about it a few months ago, after it was made available during Tehran’s International Book Fair in May.… Continue Reading