Dennis Ross Sits on Board for Daniel Pipes’s Journal

Earlier this week, I chronicled some of Amb. Dennis Ross‘ interactions with, white-washing of, and seeming affinity for several neoconservative individuals, groups, and ideas. A top Obama administration adviser with an ever-growing portfolio including Iran and, more recently, the Israeli-Arab… Continue Reading  

In NYT, Karsh still trying to dispel ‘linkage’

With regard to Iran, Efraim Karsh’s Sunday op-ed in the New York Times is an important example of what analyst Tony Karon called “recycl[ed] really tired Israeli PR lines.” Indeed, in his conclusion, Karsh, with gaps in his logic bigger… Continue Reading  

The Daily Talking Points

The New York Times: Efraim Karsh repeats the argument that the Arab and Muslim world has ceased to care about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the sooner the Palestinians realize they’re alone, the sooner they’ll make peace with Israel. Tony Karon,… Continue Reading