A New Chapter in U.S.-Sudan Relations?

by Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner U.S.-Sudan relations have ranged from outright hostility to limited diplomatic engagement since Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir ascended to power in 1989, yet the Obama administration spent the past two years seeking to improve bilateral relations.… Continue Reading  

Washington’s Turkey Dilemma

by Daniel Wagner and Giorgio Cafiero Last week’s events in Istanbul and Ankara, which left 290 dead, revealed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s weak grip on the Turkish military and dispelled any notion that Turkey’s history of military coups ended in… Continue Reading  

The Gulf Arab States Versus Hezbollah

by Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner In recent weeks, Lebanon has become a brighter flashpoint in the intensifying geopolitical rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Since the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and subsequently the League of Arab States, designated Hezbollah… Continue Reading  

Yemen Conflict Raises Sectarian Temperatures across the Gulf

by Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner Yemen’s rapidly deteriorating conflict is heightening sectarian tension across the Middle East. Shi’ite leaders in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Lebanon—as well as Shi’ite communities throughout the Gulf Arab sheikdoms—have expressed staunch opposition to the… Continue Reading  

Russia Undermining U.S. in the Middle East

by Daniel Wagner and Giorgio Cafiero The Ukraine crisis and the resulting deterioration of Russia’s ties with the West have fomented a level of geopolitical instability in Europe unseen in decades. Yet, the Middle East is arguably where Moscow and… Continue Reading