The Drama of Iran’s Erratic Rial

By Kevan Harris via the United States Institute of Peace What are the primary reasons that the Iranian rial has lost half of its value against the U.S. dollar in just one year? Iran’s currency was valued at about 10,000 rials… Continue Reading  

The Rial Saga

via Middle East Economic Survey By Jahangir Amuzegar *Dr. Amuzegar is a distinguished economist and former member of the IMF Executive Board. During the last 12 months, and particularly since January 2012, the erratic and unhinged behavior of the Iranian currency,… Continue Reading  

Effects of Iran sanctions painting grim picture

On January 23, the EU announced more sanctions and an oil embargo on Iran. The new restrictions impede cooperation with Iran in foreign trade, financial services, energy sectors and technologies, and ban any form of insurance by member states to… Continue Reading