Obama Mulling Broader Strikes Against ISIS?

by Jim Lobe This week’s video-taped beheading of a U.S. journalist by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has spurred renewed calls for President Barack Obama to broaden Washington’s military efforts to strike the terrorist group, including in… Continue Reading  

U.S. Apache Delivery Highlights Mixed Messaging on Egypt

by Jasmin Ramsey* Last October, the Obama administration suspended the delivery of attack helicopters to Egypt’s interim government following the Jul. 2 military ouster of Egypt’s democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi. “Delivery of these systems could resume pending Egypt’s progress… Continue Reading  

Is Elliott Abrams Hoping to Succeed Abe Foxman?

by Jim Lobe Outgoing Anti-Defamation League president Abraham Foxman had a gift for sniffing out anti-Semitism, particularly if it took the form of criticism of Israel, and it will be difficult to fill his shoes in that regard. And while… Continue Reading  

Top Israel Lobby Group Loses Battle on Iran, But War Not Over

by Jim Lobe via IPS News Eight years ago, Stephen Rosen, then a top official at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and well-known around Washington for his aggressiveness, hawkish views, and political smarts, was asked by Jeffrey Goldberg… Continue Reading  

Securing the Persian Gulf: Diplomacy, Not Arms

by Robert E. Hunter Since the conclusion of the Interim Agreement between Iran and 6 world powers in Geneva, Washington has taken pains to reassure friends and allies in the Persian Gulf that it will not be fooled by the… Continue Reading