Turkey’s Geopolitical Aims in Syria

by Robert Olson Turkey hopes to use the 2.7 million Syrian refugees now in Turkey as vehicles to develop and consolidate it geopolitical and geo-economic position. This is a vastly different policy from the one Ankara pursued toward Kurdish refugees… Continue Reading  

Turkey’s Elections: Great for Democracy, Dangerous for Peace

by Henry Johnson The outcome of Turkey’s general election surprised many by putting an end to the AKP’s 13-year winning streak. The consequences of this historic election for the country’s “Kurdish problem” may come as an even greater surprise, and… Continue Reading  

Why Turkey’s Election Matters for Syria

by Derek Davison Voters in Turkey went to the polls for parliamentary elections on June 7 and handed the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) a decisive defeat. While AKP remains the largest party in the Turkish parliament, the party… Continue Reading