Promised Democracy: The Future of Iraq

by Ryan J. Suto The current US presidential campaign debate on Middle East policy has focused disproportionately on the US response to the Islamic State (ISIS or IS). This series will focus instead on five alternative Middle East policy challenges… Continue Reading  

About that Iranian Influence in Iraq

When the Wikileaks document dump came out, many hawks and anti-Iran agitators grumbled that the document “proved” Iran’s nefarious influence in Iraq. I wrote, twice, about the lack of caution in these assessments, based mostly on anonymous conclusions and single-source… Continue Reading  

Urging Caution on Iranian Machinations in Iraqi Politics

I have a short piece up at the excellent website Tehran Bureau, which is housed by PBS’s Frontline. I was a bit concerned when I opened up TB‘s daily round-up to find three articles promoting the view that Muqtada al-Sadr’s… Continue Reading