Jim Is Engaged in Wishful Thinking. The Israelis Delayed the Exercise.

Jim Lobe’s suggestion the other day that the postponement of the joint maneuvers between Israel and the US might indicate “some serious distancing by the Obama administration from Israel’s provocations and possibly some serious interest in engagement with Iran” may unfortunately be premature and overly optimistic.

According to US military sources cited by Laura Rozen of Yahoo News, it was Israel, not the US that, that requested the postponement of the largest joint exercises in the history of the two countries. Continue Reading

Guardian’s Whitaker on ‘Arabian Gulf’

Writing in the British newspaper the Guardian‘s Comment is Free section, Brian Whitaker took up the question of ‘Persian’ versus ‘Arabian’ Gulf. He says he prefers to just call it “the Gulf,” but notes that Iran has even rejected this… Continue Reading

NIAC says State Dept. ‘fuels ethnic tensions’ by referring to ‘Arabian Gulf’

Announcing a massive $60 billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia, Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro called the body of water separating Iran and the Arab states to its southwest the “Arabian Gulf.” At the press conference, the Persian… Continue Reading