The Lebanese Uprising: No End in Sight for the Current Impasse

By Joe Macaron It has been over a month since the Lebanese uprising began and there are no indications that the country’s ruling oligarchy is willing or ready to offer concrete concessions in giving up power. The political class seems united in… Continue Reading  

Turkey in the Gulf: Between Regional Aspirations and Setbacks

By Jacopo Spezia Depretto In recent years there has been remarkable upheaval between Persian Gulf countries. Iran and Qatar have been on mostly extremely negative terms with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain. The U.S.’s “maximum pressure”… Continue Reading  

Will Iraq’s Protests Lead to Radical Change?

By Abdulwahab Al-Qassab and Imad K. Harb The ongoing protests in Iraq indicate that the country’s youth, who are overwhelmingly Shia, have become disillusioned with status quo politics of control by Islamist political parties and with government corruption and ineptitude. Following the… Continue Reading  

Don’t Just Focus on Trump’s Crimes at Home

By John Feffer It’s a cliché in Westerns. The bad guys ride into town only to be met by a sheriff who stands tall. “I am the law,” the sheriff says, “and you boys better move on.”

Impeachment and Its Lessons About Patriotism

By Paul R. Pillar Sometimes an accusation that a mote is in someone else’s eye (to paraphrase a biblical quotation) ought to underscore the significance of the beam that is in the accuser’s eye.  Donald Trump’s tactic of accusing his… Continue Reading