Punishing UNESCO

Today reporter Matthew Lee asked questions beyond the official script during a press session with U.S. State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, following the Obama administration’s announcement that it would be cutting funding for the U.N. cultural agency, UNESCO, after its… Continue Reading

Michele Bachmann Falsely Claims Iran Threatened U.S. With Nuclear Attack

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress Appearing on ABC’s This Week yesterday, GOP presidential hopeful Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) claimed that Iran had threatened the U.S. with a nuclear attack, a proposition so discordant with the facts that ABC host Christiane Amanpour… Continue Reading

The Daily Talking Points

News and views related to U.S.-Iran relations for Oct. 24 – Oct. 28 Washington Post: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria bravely singles himself out as one of the last media commentators to still be talking about “engagement”. Strategic engagement with an adversary… Continue Reading

Did Sanctions Cause this Iranian Airplane to Land Without its Front Tires?

Anyone who has ever felt the fear of flying needs to imagine what it must have been like to be in this Iran Air B727 when it landed without its two front tires! As someone who has been forced to… Continue Reading