Neo-Cons Are Clearly Worried About GOP

If there were ever any doubt that the three-year-old Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) is a re-incarnation of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), that should be dispelled by the publication of today’s “Open Letter to House Republicans” in… Continue Reading  

The Drone War and The War Over Drones

Recent news that the Obama administration plans to expand drone warfare in Yemen under the auspices of the CIA — the military has already been running a smaller-scale drone war in Yemen for some time now — highlights the need… Continue Reading  

IPS Washington, D.C. needs a new intern!

…or two, if exceptional. Please spread among your networks. We also thank David Elkins for his work these past months and wish him all the best.

Tomgram: William Astore, American Militarism Is Not A Fairy Tale

Siamese Twins Sharing the Same Brain How the Military and the Civilian Are Blurring in Washington By William J. Astore Reprinted with permission of I have a fairy tale for you.  Once upon a time, a representative democracy was established with… Continue Reading  

Forget the “Military Option” on Iran’s Nuclear Program

In a Arms Control Association issue brief Greg Thielmann writes: The United States needs to continue looking for diplomatic pathways to expanding IAEA access to Iranian nuclear capabilities and personnel, and stop rattling Pandora’s box as if it contained a… Continue Reading