Tomgram: Nick Turse, How to Arm a Dictator

Hueys Over Yemen Is U.S. Aid Suppressing Another Mideast Freedom Struggle? By Nick Turse Reprinted with permission of In recent weeks, Yemeni protesters calling for an immediate end to the 32-year reign of U.S.-backed President Ali Abdullah Saleh have… Continue Reading  

Saudi Arabia’s Zeal for Repression is Bad for Everyone

I’ve been saying for a while now that the Saudi role in suppressing Arab uprisings will have a far larger short- to medium-term negative impact on the region than any of Iran’s many machinations. Read Hossein Askari at the National… Continue Reading  

Tomgram: Shahin and Juan Cole, The Women’s Movement in the Middle East

An Arab Spring for Women The Missing Story from the Middle East By Shahin Cole and Juan Cole Reprinted with permission of The “Arab Spring” has received copious attention in the American media, but one of its crucial elements… Continue Reading  

Tomgram: McCoy and Reilly, An Empire of Failed States

Washington on the Rocks An Empire of Autocrats, Aristocrats, and Uniformed Thugs Begins to Totter By Alfred W. McCoy and Brett Reilly Reprinted with permission of In one of history’s lucky accidents, the juxtaposition of two extraordinary events has… Continue Reading  

The Obama-Gates Maneuver on Military Spending

By Gareth Porter Last week Barack Obama announced that he wants to cut $400 billion in military spending and said he would work Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and the Joint Chiefs on a “fundamental review” of U.S. “military missions,… Continue Reading