After the UN, the EU must lead the way on Israeli settlements


by Hugh Lovatt Much of the discussion about the UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements over the past week has focused on the U.S. decision to abstain, thus allowing it to pass. But Resolution 2334 also opens the door… Continue Reading  

The Case for Sending Secretary Kerry to Tehran


by Navid Hassibi Although it is unclear what will happen to the Iran nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA) once President-elect Donald Trump assumes office, President Barack Obama still has a few weeks left to try… Continue Reading  

Has Obama “Betrayed” Israel at the UN?


by Henry Siegman Has America’s president betrayed Israel, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of his government bitterly accused after President Obama failed to veto a UN Security Council resolution that condemned Israel for its settlements in the West… Continue Reading  

Putin the Historian


by Igor Torbakov According to a number of biographical accounts, history was Russian President Vladimir Putin’s favorite subject in school, and he appears to retain a keen interest in history right up to the present day. If we are to… Continue Reading  

UN vote exposes the true face of Israel’s settlement policy


by Natasha Roth In the summer of 1967, before anyone was aware of just how durable Israel’s occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territory would prove, a movement emerged calling for the newly conquered land to become part of “Greater Israel.” Formed… Continue Reading