Why Did Rouhani Visit Italy?


by Cinzia Bianco and Giorgio Cafiero When Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani visited Rome last month, Italian and Iranian officials and businessmen signed $22 billion worth of deals in sectors ranging from energy to infrastructure, steel, and shipbuilding. Rouhani’s “charm offensive”… Continue Reading  

UAE and South Korea Forge New Ties


by Giorgio Cafiero Having achieved rapid economic growth in the past several decades, both the United Arab Emirates and South Korea have much in common with respect to their unique histories of development. Although located on opposite shores of the… Continue Reading  

Qatar and the Islamic State


by Giorgio Cafiero and Alex Stout  In the fall of 2014, the Obama administration prioritized securing support from Washington’s allies in the Sunni Arab world before launching a multinational air campaign against targets in Iraq and Syria belonging to Islamic… Continue Reading  

Kuwait and the Islamic State


by Alex Stout and Giorgio Cafiero Throughout the twenty-first century, the oil-rich Persian Gulf nation of Kuwait has enjoyed relative stability and security. This tranquility is largely attributable to the harmonious coexistence of Kuwait’s Sunnis and Shi’ites and the ruling… Continue Reading  

Yemen Conflict Raises Sectarian Temperatures across the Gulf


by Giorgio Cafiero and Daniel Wagner Yemen’s rapidly deteriorating conflict is heightening sectarian tension across the Middle East. Shi’ite leaders in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Lebanon—as well as Shi’ite communities throughout the Gulf Arab sheikdoms—have expressed staunch opposition to the… Continue Reading