Trump is Right on Palestine

by Graham E. Fuller 

Just because Trump said it doesn’t mean it has to be wrong.

During the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington, President Trump publicly stated he is not necessarily wedded to a “two-state solution” in Palestine. He is the first US president to commit the heresy of questioning that sacred article of faith in US Middle East policy. Indeed, a serious rethink is long overdue in recognizing the bankruptcy—indeed the cruel cynicism—of the defunct two-state scheme.

Many honorable people have dedicated the bulk of their professional lives to the tedious minutiae and sad diplomatic history of the Palestinian-Israeli morass. Sadly, none of those efforts have brought any resolution whatsoever to a gangrenous issue—in many respects the granddaddy of so many of the Middle East’s contemporary ills.

Trouble is, apart from a few dedicated diplomats and scholars who had hopes of one day truly accomplishing something, the two-state solution in practice is by now revealed as essentially a fraud. Yes, a few wiser Israeli leaders in the past just possibly might have believed in that ideal, but for decades now the “two-state scheme” has simply been cynically exploited by newer Israeli leaders, especially by Bibi Netanyahu—the long-serving and most right-wing Prime Minister in Israel’s history. Netanyahu has been backed by a formidable and wealthy pro-Zionist cheering section in the US. The goal is to conceal their true agenda—the ultimate Israeli annexation of all of Palestine. They themselves have been subtly but systematically torpedoing the “two-state solution” behind the scenes to that end.

None of my observations here on the hoax of the two-state solution are new or original. Many liberal Israeli observers have been stating the self-evident for years now. But those voices never get heard in the US where it constitutes an unmentionable. But there should be no doubt: the concept of a “two-state solution”—a Palestinian and an Israeli state sharing historical Palestine and living side by side in sovereignty and dignity—is dead. It is almost inconceivable that it can now ever be resuscitated: nearly all the operative forces within Israel are systematically working to prevent it from ever coming about.

The  harsh reality is that Israel, through a relentless process of “creating facts on the ground,” is now decades deep into the process of taking over illegally, step-by-step, the totality of Palestine. Israel has scant regard for any international law in this respect, and never has had. Washington, apart from a few periodic pathetic bleats, has ended up functionally supporting this cynical scheme all the way, perhaps unwilling to confront the painful reality of what is really taking place, along with its dangerous political repercussions at home.

Israel is extending day-by-day its control—indeed ownership—of Palestinian lands through expansion of illegal Jewish settlements and the dispossession of the rightful owners of these Palestinian lands. Put simply, there is little left of Palestinian land out of which ever to fashion a “two-state solution.”

That leaves us with only one alternative: the “one-state solution.” Indeed, Israel’s actions have already created the preconditions that make the “one-state solution” an unacknowledged but virtual fait accompli.

Honest observers know full well that the mantra of preserving “the peace process” for the two-state solution is now little more than a cover for full Israeli annexation of Palestinian lands. The sooner we all acknowledge this ugly reality, the better. That will then require Israel, the Palestinians, and the world to get on with dealing with the complex challenge of crafting the bi-national state—the one-state solution.

The calculations of the hard-line Zionists—who are now largely in control of Israeli state mechanisms— are unyielding. 1) Israel should functionally take over all of Palestinian territory and permit full Jewish settlement therein. 2) Israel should still play the “two-state solution” game with visiting foreign diplomats to reduce pressure on Israel, to play for time while it quietly establishes the irreversible facts on the ground that shut out any possible viable Palestinian state. 3) Make life harsh enough for Palestinians that, bit by bit, they will grow bitter and weary, give up and go elsewhere, leaving all the land for Zionist settlers. 4) If Palestinians “stubbornly” resist, predictable periodic military and security crises in Palestine over the longer run will enable Israel to rid Palestine of all Palestinians—a gradual process of ethnic cleansing that returns all the land promised by God to the Jews.

Some liberal Israelis actually do accept the idea of a “one-state solution” in their own liberal vision of a future Israel—one in which Israelis and Palestinians live as equal citizens in a secular, democratic, binational, multi-cultural state enjoying equal rights, rather than the increasingly religiously dominated state that it is. And the liberal ideal makes sense: the country is already well on the way to becoming bi-lingual—and Hebrew and Arabic are closely-related languages. Both are Semitic peoples with ancient ties to the same land.

The problem is, ardent Zionists don’t want a binational Palestinian-Jewish state. They want a “Jewish state” and demand that the world accept that term. Yet, in today’s world isn’t the term “Jewish state” strikingly discordant? Who speaks of an “English” or “French” state?  The world would freak out if tomorrow Berlin started calling itself “the German State.” Or Spain a “Christian state.” So what do we make of a state that is dedicated solely to Jews and Judaism?  Such concepts are remnants of nineteenth century movements that promoted the creation of ethnically and/or religiously pure states. Indeed it was precisely that kind of ugly religious and ethnic nationalism that caused Jews to flee from Eastern Europe in the first place to find their own homeland.

The true historical task of Israel, with the support of the world, is now to begin the challenging work of introducing the range of major reforms that will transform Israel into just such a multi-ethnic and bi-lingual state of equal citizens enjoying equal rights under secular law. It is not a question of “allowing Palestinians” into Israel, they are already there and have been for millennia, in far greater numbers than Jews. Palestinians now seek full legal equality of treatment under secular law in Israel.

So let’s acknowledge the useful truth that Trump has blundered onto. Let’s abandon the naive and cynical rhetoric about the “two-state solution” that will never come about—in any just and acceptable form. Half of Israel never believed in it in the first place. It has served only as a cover for building an apartheid Jewish state—a term used frequently by liberal Israeli commentators.

Netanyahu and the right-wing Zionists clearly want all of Palestine. But they’re not ready yet to admit it. They want all the land, but without any of its people. But despite Zionist hopes, the Palestinians aren’t going to abandon their lands. And so the logical outcome of Israel’s take-over all of Palestine leads by definition to an ultimate single binational state.

The challenge to Israelis and Palestinians is huge. It entails a deep Palestinian rethink of their options and their future destiny in a new order, and the need to fight for those democratic rights in a binational state. It involves Israeli evolution away from “God-given rights” in a state solely for Jews and Judaism that can only be forever oppressive and undemocratic as it now stands. The process will be a slow and difficult one. But it also represents an evolution consonant with emerging contemporary global values.

We expect a democratic multi-cultural state from Germany and France, or from Britain, Canada and the United States— why not from Israel?

Graham E. Fuller is a former senior CIA official, author of numerous books on the Muslim World; his latest book is “Breaking Faith: A novel of espionage and an American’s crisis of conscience in Pakistan.” (Amazon, Kindle). This article reprinted, with permission, from

Photo: Hand-in-Hand bilingual school for Jewish and Arab children in Galilee.

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  1. This issue should be viewed FROM THE BEGINNING! The Jewish people were settled – after WWII – onto lands occupied by other people’s!!! Why??? As a ‘restitution’ for the atrocities committed by Hitler? … As a ‘profecy fulfilled’ according to the Jewish Bible? … Either reason was a dreadful mistake! … negotiating re-settlement, I would have understood. Creating a ‘Jewish state’ ??? A HUGE MISTAKE.

  2. Good luck with that, Graham Fuller — your lips to god’s ear.

    However, the network of Zionist lobbies across the Western world run a pretty effective protection racket, under which prime ministers, presidents, and parliamentarians/congresskritters can have their reputations smeared as antisemitic and their political careers ruined should they fail to support the Israeli political agenda. So if you think playing along by processing the peace once in a while has been uncomfortable because unprincipled, just you wait for the negotiations of a bi-lingual, multicultural Israel v. an Arabrein Jewish state begin.

  3. Fantastic piece, thank you. The POTUS may have stumbled upon a useful perspective, but as the article ably details, it’s the tail wagging the dog where the troubles have always been.
    We need a distinct project that cuts military aid to the entire region. And then perhaps redirects a small amount to non-military concerns. “Savings” comes back here, making the America firsters take notice, blah blah blah. As a veteran, someone who has studied Islam, Arabic and Hebrew, and who has lived in the region, I am ashamed of our policies and presence. We all have so much blood on our hands. I pray that my great great great grandchildren will not be reading about peace talks breaking out in the middle east, but I’ll go out on a limb…

  4. The Jewish religion is the single common identity for Jews who came from all over the world with different history and culture to live in a fabricated country..
    A one state solution will require that Jews put their Jewish identity after their Israeli identity( like the African Americans, the Latinos and the American Jews put their American identity first). This is already going on within the new generation who are living on a daily basis with Arab Moslem Israelis.
    The future of Israel is clearly a one state solution with a variety o religious communities with equal rights. The question is when and how to get there

  5. Excellent point of view! I’ve said it before and saying it again, repeating the same damn thing over and over for 70 years and expecting different results is a joke! To state what Trump said accurately he said “whatever works for the warring parties resulting in one or two states it is going to be fine with it”. Trump is tired of violence committed by both sides and he wants no part of it. Trump in his own language told Nathayahu that both sides can either kill each other until the world ends or find a peaceful solution to live either in 1 state together or in 2 separate states!!

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