WSJ Editorial Board Toes MEK Line on Iran’s Nuclear Program

by Eli Clifton* The Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages have long served as a welcoming home to pundits toeing a hawkish line on Iran, Iraq and a laundry list of foreign policy challenges facing the United States. Tuesday, the Journal’s editorial board exclusively… Continue Reading

From the “Axis of Evil” to the “Age of Nefarious”

(Remember the 60s rock-musical Hair? Here’s a 21st century parody of its hit song “The Age of Aquarius.”)
The health care bill has finally passed.
Rays of hope for the economy.
“Too big too fail” may be too big to fight.
So let’s turn to foreign policy!
This is the dawning of the Age of Nefarious.
The Age of Nefarious.
Ne-fa-rious! Continue Reading