Marty Peretz: Nasrallah and Ahmadinejad Are “Crazy” and Obama is to Blame

The New Republic Editor Martin Peretz is no stranger to controversy but it’s worth noting that his blog post this morning, titled “Ahmadinejad At The Lebanese-Israeli Border—Another Obama Debacle,” managed to incorporate not one but two classic neoconservative arguments for… Continue Reading  

Human Rights Watch Expose: Less Than Meets The Eye?

The latest issue of The New Republic features a long piece purporting to expose the alleged anti-Israel bias of the leading NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW). Not altogether surprising, you might say. Hardline supporters of Israel have been gunning for… Continue Reading  

Marty Peretz’s Cowardice

In a typical rant, The New Republic editor/publisher Marty Peretz prefaced a rambling declaration of victory in Iraq with these charming words: There were moments–long moments–during the Iraq war when I had my doubts. Even deep doubts. Frankly, I couldn’t… Continue Reading