Senate Committee, CIA in Brawl over Torture Inquiry

by Jim Lobe An ongoing battle between the Democratic chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) over reports about the agency’s “enhanced interrogation” practices during the George W. Bush administration has escalated sharply. The widely… Continue Reading  

Wolfowitz Endorses Flournoy; Cornyn, Jenn Rubin Can’t Read

Two interesting — but little-noted — developments on the Hagel front over the last couple of days. First, Paul Wolfowitz endorsed former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy to replace Leon Panetta based on her understanding of and advocacy… Continue Reading  

Will Ehud Barak be leaving US Politics too?

by Marsha B. Cohen Ehud Barak is retiring from Israeli politics in 2013, after two decades. Or so he says. A career officer in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) before entering politics, Barak’s first mention in the US press appears… Continue Reading  

Former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown urges US arming of Syrian rebels

By Paul Mutter Jimmy Carter’s former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown, who now serves on a the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, writes that the US should work with regional allies to unite Syrian opposition movements that are in line with… Continue Reading  

Panetta on war with Iran

By Gary Sick In recent months, we have had some strong views expressed, by people who have real knowledge of the situation, about the potential consequences of a military strike by Israel and/or the United States against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure. Former… Continue Reading