Jewish Journal: Jeffrey Goldberg “Maintains the Dignity” of Pre-Iraq War Reporting

Jewish Journal’s Danielle Berrin’s profile of Jeffrey Goldberg is well worth a read for those who want to do a little armchair psychology on Goldberg. It provides no shortage of material for analyzing his views with nuggets like this: Both of his… Continue Reading

Goldberg’s Little Mistakes on NPR (UPDATED)

Jeffrey Goldberg made a mistake on NPR yesterday, in appearances talking about his controversial new article for The Atlantic. “On Point” host Tom Ashbrook asked tough questions of Goldberg, confronting him with critics like Glenn Greenwald. Goldberg fired back that… Continue Reading

Is Jeffrey Goldberg Trying to Rationalize Another Preemptive War In the Middle East?

The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg appears to have come through on his long-awaited cover story outlining the “red lines” for an Israeli military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. Judging by Goldberg’s extensive experience with pushing the U.S. into invading Iraq, it’s… Continue Reading