Trump is Right on Palestine

by Graham E. Fuller  Just because Trump said it doesn’t mean it has to be wrong. During the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Washington, President Trump publicly stated he is not necessarily wedded to a “two-state solution” in… Continue Reading  

Azerbaijan Plans Hanukkah Party at DC’s Trump Hotel

by Giorgi Lomsadze You know it’s that time of year again when the government of a far-off, predominantly Muslim country throws a Hanukkah party in a Donald-Trump hotel in Washington, DC. Trump may have been less than inspiring for many… Continue Reading  

On Anti-Palestinianism and Anti-Semitism

by Jerry Haber By “anti-Palestinianism” I understand prejudice against Palestinian Arabs based on perceived negative qualities of Palestinian cultural or natural identity. Views such as “Palestinian Arab culture is a culture of death and martyrdom,” “Palestinian Arabs hate Jews because… Continue Reading  

Yeshayahu Leibowitz: I Told You So

by Mitchell Plitnick I have been recently reminded of a truly admirable man whose wisdom was truly astounding. Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz was a brilliant man who saw Judaism through a unique and often controversial lens.