Sens. Graham, Lieberman and Casey set to propose resolution ruling out Iran containment strategy

Last month Jim pointed out that Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) were working on a bipartisan resolution that would put the Senate on record as ruling out a strategy of containment for Iran. “All options must be… Continue Reading  

Sen. Joe Lieberman Ignores Secretary of Defense, May Endorse Military Option Against Iran

Senator Joe Lieberman, in his remarks to the neoconservative Foreign Policy Initiative on Tuesday, told Bill Kristol that the new Congress would press the Obama administration on sanctions but may also formally endorse the use of military force againt Iran.… Continue Reading  

Iran Hawks Disappointed With Obama On Sanctions

The State Department’s announcement on Thursday that the U.S. would impose sanctions against only one firm for violating U.S. sanctions against Iran has raised heckles from both right wing pundits and members of Congress who have called for the United… Continue Reading  

The Daily Talking Points

News and views relevant to U.S.-Iran relations for September 29: The Wall Street Journal: Benoit Faucon and Spencer Swartz report on Iran’s announcement on Tuesday that it would begin exporting domestically refined gasoline. Iran has depended heavily on imported gasoline… Continue Reading