Trump’s Insincere Nowruz Message

by John Limbert Reading President Trump’s Iranian New Year’s (Nowruz) statement reminded me of what our granddaughter used to say when her diaper was full: “Yuck.” It is a strange message. The reader is left asking, “What’s the purpose?” Similar… Continue Reading  

Rouhani at the UN: The Power of Appearing Reasonable

by John Limbert In his September 20 speech to the UN General Assembly Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani gave a textbook demonstration of the power of appearing to be reasonable. His unstated but clear message was: “They go low, we go… Continue Reading  

Trump to Iranian People: Drop Dead

by John Limbert The shameful episode of Trump’s January 27 executive order and Muslim travel ban has turned on its head decades of American messages about Iran. This step—apparently the brainchild of the “torturer’s apprentice” Steve Bannon—has been a bizarre… Continue Reading  

Pseudo-Scholarship about Iran: Insulting Cyrus the Great

by John Limbert What is it about Harvard that impels its people to produce pseudo-scholarly non-facts about Iran? Four years ago a presi­den­tial candidate and graduate of the Harvard Business School claimed that Iran needed its alliance with Syria to achieve… Continue Reading  

Iran Nuclear Deal: One-time Event or Breakthrough?

by John Limbert Tehran and Washington have apparently hired the same speechwriter to com­pose their public statements about the state of Iranian nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA). In both capitals the proclaimed view is identical:… Continue Reading