With Uzbekistan’s Presidential Succession Underway, Putin to Drop By

by Joshua Kucera Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to visit Uzbekistan on Tuesday, inserting himself into an ongoing presidential succession after the death of President Islam Karimov, the only president Uzbekistan has known. 

The Life and Legacy of Islam Karimov

by Joanna Lillis Following days of uncertainty surrounding the fate of the septuagenarian strongman who ruled Uzbekistan for more than a quarter of a century, the suspense is over: Islam Karimov is dead. Uzbekistan’s government confirmed his death on September… Continue Reading  

Uzbekistan: President Karimov’s Illness Forces Decision on Succession

by Joanna Lillis Only a few crumbs of information have been provided so far about the state of health of Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov. The biggest bombshell was dropped on Instagram by Karimov’s daughter, Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva, who revealed on August… Continue Reading