Trump vs. Trump on Iran

by John Feffer The ongoing conflict with Iran showcases all the reasons why Donald Trump remains a hit with his base. First of all, the guy tells a ripping yarn. While critics of U.S. policy drone on about complex agreements… Continue Reading  

116 Iranian Rights Defenders Warn of “Devastating” Consequences of US-Iran Military Conflict

by Center for Human Rights in Iran In response to soaring tensions between Iran and the United States, 116 Iranian human rights defenders and groups based inside and outside the country have signed a statement warning of the “devastating” consequences… Continue Reading  

Iran’s Strategy of Reversible Escalation

by Eldar Mamedov In case anyone thought Iran was bluffing with its threats to respond robustly to U.S. “maximum pressure,” recent developments should have disabused them of that notion. Not only did Iran down a highly sophisticated American drone near… Continue Reading  

A Time to Deescalate with Iran

by Michael Smith The Trump administration’s continued inability to formulate a coherent national strategy on Iran undermines U.S. strategic interests and is rapidly growing from a national embarrassment to a dereliction of duty. Many former senior diplomatic and military leaders… Continue Reading  

The Fog of Selling a War

by Paul R. Pillar The “fog of war,” about which Carl von Clausewitz wrote, refers to the confusion and lack of knowledge of what an adversary is up to on a chaotic battlefield. Currently, those promoting or welcoming a war… Continue Reading